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The waterline tile you choose for your swimming pool will add a personalized decorative look to your new custom pool. There are three basic types of swimming pool tiles: glazed, stone, and glass. Before choosing the right tile for your new pool there are a few things to keep in mind: aesthetics, maintenance, and budget.




Aesthetics: Glazed tile comes in various designs, sizes, and colors, and it usually gives your pool a more classic and timeless look.

Maintenance: Glazed Tile is our most commonly used tile because it will require the least amount of maintenance from waterline marks left from water chemicals.

Budget: Another reason Glazed Tile is most commonly used is because of its affordability. All of our pools come standard with Glazed Tile.

For a complete list of Glazed Tiles, go to:

Here are some of our more popular tiles:



Aesthetics: Stone Tile adds a more natural and contemporary look to your pool. Stone Tile comes in various patterns, textures, sizes, and colors.

Maintenance: Stone Tile requires more maintenance in comparison to glazed or glass tile. Due to its natural porous surface, Stone Tile will show waterline chemical marks more often.

Budget: Stone Tile price is just as affordable or almost as affordable as glazed tile. It mostly depends on the complexity of the pattern. If you are interested in adding Stone Tile to your pool, just ask your Chavez Construction representative what the added cost would be, if any.

For a complete list of Stone Tile go to:



Aesthetics: Glass Tile has become a very popular choice for waterline pool tile. Glass Tile also comes in various colors, patterns, and sizes.

Maintenance: Glass Tile is just as easy to maintain as glazed tile due to its nonporous surface.

Budget: Glass Tile is the most expensive of all three tile types, but a great option when the budget permits. If you are interested in adding Glass Tile to your pool, just ask your Chavez Construction representative what the added cost would be.

For a complete list of Glass Tile, go to:

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